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Grid Series

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Discover the process of the Grid Series by Jennifer Klemp St. Louis-Based Fine Artist

The Grid Series is a manifestation of many years of drawing casually from time to time with markers. Using markers on paper is a great way to use color and explore in a quick manner, when you are very busy with things like family life and children.

Jennifer Klemp St. Louis MO Fine Artist Grid Series

I kept experimenting with the markers and nothing really great was happening, as I made shapes and forms that I wasn't really happy with.

Somewhere along the way I met a friend who teaches about joyful journaling, and creative envisioning. We connect on many levels as she and I both love exploring manifestation, and conscious and intentional creating.

I took one of her workshops where she asked questions of a spiritual nature, and journaled while in the flow.

During this workshop, I created a few drawings (in marker) that finally felt like they 'had something' that I wanted in terms of composition, and emotion that answered the questions.

It's really as simple as that. The drawings answered questions about life, and inner searching that we all are exploring. My friend Lisette says this all comes within, and of course we know this is true.

The grid series drawings are sketches. Many have been created, however, only a few make it to prints. There are more that didn't work, than those that were successful. Through trials of shapes and colors, each piece focuses on color theory, often with an unexpected color element.

Jennifer Klemp - St. Louis Fine Artist

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