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Updated: Sep 23, 2021

A look into the personal sketch book of Jennifer Klemp

Jennifer Klemp St. Louis MO Fine Artist Grid Series

I did this teeny drawing when I was at my sons camp. There was barely any time to draw/paint but I kept my teeny sketch book with me most days, and I probably worked on this small drawing for about a combined time of one hour, maybe more over 5-6 days.

I thought I'd come back and try to do the drawing again in two different color schemes. First of all, this paper by Hahnemuhle is terrible and wonderful at the same time. I ask myself why I keep working with it.

Both drawings on the larger pad didn't work out. The little one was a sketch for a larger one, and there are a few things to note about working smaller. To begin with, you don't have larger areas to cover. There were some areas that I didn't like in the small one, however, after doing the larger ones, the small one seemed better.

The agave paper by Hahnemuhle is special and it takes the pigment in a different way, yet it cannot stand up to any erasing WHATSOEVER. If you try to erase pencil marks, the paper pulls up. It is like erasing on cotton. On some of the larger drawings, that were different versions of the small piece, the integrity of the paper was lost.

I realize I can edit the originals if I'm making prints, however, I'd like for the originals to be without many flaws

I'm wondering if the larger versions deserve a re-visit at a later point.

There is just something to that smaller piece...

- Jennifer Klemp

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