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Jennifer Klemp's Grid Series is inspired by the artist’s own internal inner searching and manifestation. Her recent work taps into the spiritual and introspective nature found within one’s self. Each piece is created laboriously, drop by drop, fusing traditional methods with abstract undertones. Attention to color theory is intentional, with bright punches of color found throughout.


This is a Giclee Print from and Original Drawing | Limited Edition of 200 for the Larger Size (14 inches x 13 inches)


A note from the Artist:

"Stella" is the Latin word for Star.


In Stella my feeling is that this is an obvious complimentary violet-yellow color scheme, however, there are several color variations, so maybe I am incorrect in thinking the compliment is obvious.'Stella' feels so precise. I remember making the shape on the right over and over so that I could get that made-up shape. Creating a good shape is very challenging.


In these drawings, the marker is used without any pre-drawn lines. In the case of 'Stella' I used the chisel marker to create that 'hook' shape. Part of the challenge of these is using the tool (the marker in this case) as it was intended. Prismacolor markers have the option of a chisel end or a brush end, and I use both. Additionally, the rope element in 'Stella' is strewn about, and doesn't encapsulate any shape completely~ this was unintended. I'd like to think however, that it represents more freedom in what I am doing as far as life purpose is concerned.


As far as color goes, this combination turned out to be striking and I love how the brown color evens things out a bit. I tend towards yellow ochre often, and the brown was a close friend of that, and I'm glad I took the chance on it."


  • Signed & Numbered by St. Louis Fine Artist - Jennifer Klemp

    This is a Giclee Print from and Original Drawing | Limited Edition of 200 for the Larger Size (14 inches x 13 inches)

    Small image size: 6 1/8 inches x 5  3/4 inches

    Small paper size: 8 inches x 7 inches

    Large image size: 11 1/2 inches x 10 5/8 inches

    Large paper size: 14 inches x 13 inches 

    Framing tip: Large size will fit nicely in a 16 x 20 frame

    Please note, we give plenty of room around the image. This will allow for many custom matting preferences since there are so many options.  Generally speaking, though, you want the image to have enough room to breath when framed. Paper size may vary slightly, as each piece is cut by hand. 

    Details: Fine Art Print | Limited Edition for Large Prints | Signed & Dated by Artist 



  • Shipping: Will be shipped within 3-5 business days unless otherwise noted. Currently only ships to USA. 

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