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Jennifer Klemp's Grid Series is inspired by the artist’s own internal inner searching and manifestation. Her recent work taps into the spiritual and introspective nature found within one’s self. Each piece is created laboriously, drop by drop, fusing traditional methods with abstract undertones. Attention to color theory is intentional, with bright punches of color found throughout.


This is a Giclee Print from an Original Drawing |

Small Mini Size 5 1/2 x 4 5/8 inches


A note from the Artist:

Kainaat name meaning is All Being, All Creations, The Creation, or Universe in Hindi.


The elements that are common throughout the series are grids, a rope element which usually contains a variation of the grid, abstract large swashes which are never pre-drawn, and a combination of abstract mark making in a designated area.


Kainaat is unique in that there is not the large swash as in some of the other drawings from the Grid Series. A 'X' shape mimics the two distinct rope forms which are connected. Intuitively, I names this one Kainaat, then later found that the lucky number for Kainaat as a girls name is '4'. Ironically, the 'X' shape and the rope shapes make 4 distinct areas.


The colors are very odd and unique in this drawing, yet there was something about the combination that I liked. I tried this one in a different, and more harmonious color palette and the color harmony was not as good as this one that you see here.

'Kianaat' : A Fine Art Print

  • Signed & Dated by St. Louis Fine Artist - Jennifer Klemp

    Small image size: 5 1/2 X 4 5/8 inches

  • This item will be shipped within 3-5 business days unless otherwise noted. Currently only ships to USA. 

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