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Jennifer Klemp's Grid Series is inspired by the artist’s own internal inner searching and manifestation. Her recent work taps into the spiritual and introspective nature found within one’s self. Each piece is created laboriously, drop by drop, fusing traditional methods with abstract undertones. Attention to color theory is intentional, with bright punches of color found throughout. 


A note from the Artist:

Throughout our lives we are consistently going through states of consciousness, and hopefully moving upwards. When we move up a level, then we refer to this as 'illumination'. This drawing was created in spring when you are dying for those spring colors which are joyous. I did not want the colors to look like an easter egg collection however, so naturally the remedy to that was a balance of yellow ochre, which is mostly on the outside of the roped area.


A few spots of dark teal and green give this drawing a grown-up feeling for those of you who turn your nose up on any color combo that is too sweet. I wanted the color harmony to feel simple and complex at the same time.


This drawing felt to me like a stained glass window from a church. The stained glass windows are always my favorite part of the church, because they let in the color and light to what is normally a dark area. This is the reason I named this piece 'Illumination'."


  • Signed & Dated by St. Louis Fine Artist - Jennifer Klemp

    Small image size: 7 inches x 5 3/4 inches

    Small paper size: 8  inches x 7 inches

    Large image size: 11 3/4 inches x 9 3/4 inches

    Large paper size: 14 inches x 13 inches 

    Framing tip: Please note, we give plenty of room around the image. This will allow for many custom matting preferences since there are so many options.  Generally speaking, though, you want the image to have enough room to breath when framed. Paper size may vary slightly, as each piece is cut by hand. 

    Details : Fine Art Print | Limited Edition for the Large Prints | Signed & Dated by Artist 



  • Shipping: Will be shipped within 3-5 business days unless otherwise noted. Currently only ships to USA. 

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