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Honeycomb Pods was originally done in watercolor paper (Hahnemuhle Agave) and I placed the honeycombs on a grid. (Thus tying to the Grid Series, and other works with Grids.)


Honeycomb pods turned out better than expected and has a vibrant, minimalist feel with ALL the great colors. The way the Hahnemuhle paper takes the color is exceptional.


Offered as a print on Sommerset Paper, Giclee printing process.


Offered in one size at this time. 9  x 7 1/2 inches. This fits very nicely into a 12 x 16 inch frame. 


This work of ART is part of the HIVE Series.

Honeycomb Pods | Hive Series

  • Signed by St. Louis Fine Artist - Jennifer Klemp


    This is a Giclee Print from a Watercolor Painting


    Image size: 9 inches x  7 1/2 inches


    Framing :  This size will fit nicely in a 16 x 20 frame.


    Please note, we give plenty of room around the image. This will allow for many custom matting preferences since there are so many options. Generally speaking, though, you want the image to have enough room to breathe when framed. Paper size may vary slightly, as each piece is cut by hand.


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