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30 Days of Drawing Challenge-Fine Art/Plants- 2023

January 1-12th: Clearly You Care About Making Great ART by Saint Louis Artist Jennifer Klemp


The Drawing Challenge has started for 2023. In reading both of my BLOG posts from this same challenge last year, I’ve realized that I’ve lightened up quite a bit. (I think my therapist would be super proud of me, and if she is reading this- kudos to both of us- AMEN.)


Last year seemed to be about documentation of the Drawing Challenge I created, and after reading through what I did last year, I felt that I’ve learned so much from my drawing class last fall, where I taught Drawing 1 at UMSL University. I realized that the students there needed very detailed information, sometimes much more information than I would have thought.

I took what I learned from last semester and am applying it to all aspects of the Drawing Challenge. Last year, the challenge was about finding out what I could actually physically accomplish and documenting the drawings. I decided after last years learning curve, that the challenge would be about ‘keeping in mind’ your drawing practice for 30 days OR to create 30 drawings.

You can read about my conclusions in the super long BLOG posts I created from 2022 or just move on with the important information in this BLOG post…

I actually am really glad I have my thoughts from the challenge last year documented, as I have realized that I was still developing that series. This year, I am able to continue from where I left off, as I worked through a lot of kinks (with mediums and paper) last year.


  1. You can join any time in January, so don’t worry if you miss the first several days or weeks.

  2. The objective is to draw from life. (Representationally)

  3. Set aside 30 minutes of your day to draw.

  4. Grab a plant.

  5. Grab a pen or pencil.

  6. Grab a sketchbook.

  7. Get comfy in a designated drawing place without distractions. (Well, as much as possible…😜)

  8. Follow the prompts for the post for that day. (On Instagram) Make sure to quickly tap on my stories in case there is extra info in there on the prompt of the day or for extra details.

  9. I’ll be doing some videos (on Instagram) as time allows with tips and tricks on some of the prompt and still posts of the day, so look for those. This will not be daily, However, I’ll do my best to do a couple a week.

  10. The objective is to draw for as many days as possible to sharpen up your drawing practice. There will be posts also upcoming on ‘Talent’ vs. ‘The practice of drawing/creating’ as time allows.

  11. There will be a giveaway mid-February for participants/ Artists! Details on that later: this will involve YOU sharing your drawings with me, and I will share them in stories. All who participate, will be entered to win a framed print. I’ll be posting more on this in stories.


50 lb Paper | 5,8 x 8,3
This Year in 2023: Hahnemuhle Paper - Bamboo

THIS YEAR, in 2023, I am inviting submissions of your plant drawings. This is actually no big deal, and no big pressure on you, the artist. You could have one drawing, or 5, or perhaps all 30. Submit up to 2 of your best drawings no matter what your number is, and you will be featured in my stories, and on the my feed on the ‘GRAM. You can also join into the LIVES I am doing on Instagram, and watch several short tutorials there.

In case you are wondering, YES, I plan to make these into full scale tutorials for future creative learning sites such as SKILLSHARE. (You probably saw that coming…)


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