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Neon Aloe ~ Last Stages

This fast moving world is almost too much for me, and sometimes I ask why I am even here. And this is where I start. I feel a sense of urgency to create anew. My intention is to embrace this year with enthusiasm, as a woman who does not willingly accept most things modern, unless they are classified as modern art.

I often feel alone and frustrated by our world which places such an emphasis on technology and STEM. I am constantly distracted. I wonder why my children only have art one out of four days of their school year. I regret not taking at least one of them to ceramics when realistically our schedule is filled with at least a 4-5 activities at any given time.

I don't understand society today, and yet I feel I have a freshness that surrounds me, and I am one of those that is willing to make changes when changes are needed. It is then that I think that I must be meant to be here, to bring old/new beauty to the planet and to inspire those who are like minded.

My intention is firstly, to be an excellent painter. That has always been my goal first and foremost.

I have practiced this, and spent time on the nuts and bolts of being a good painter and learning the fundamentals. It is now time that I apply that knowledge and concentrate on my original dream~ the dream of being a great painter that brings something new and perhaps nostalgic to this world of fast, now, hard, immediate, stimulating, and instant glory.

I am ready.