Jennifer Klemp was born in St. Louis Missouri in 1973, and initially received a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Kansas. The universe often points us in several directions throughout our lives, and she knows now that her ten years in service to humanity helped to pave the way to creative, and artistic endeavors. 


After a broken engagement, and lots of angst she found herself at Fontbonne University in a full time program to pursue a Masters Degree in Art, which was her true dream. At Fontbonne, she found herself in the hands of incredibly skilled and smart professors, made friends with impressive and intimidating talent and generally gained as much painting knowledge as time would allow. She went to Italy, stayed up many late nights and earned her M.F.A. amid fears, dreams, and strange and wonderful personalities.


The values that she learned from Fontbonne led her to create figurative work in a modern context. Inspired by Morandi, Giacometti, Eva Hesse, Fischl, and Freud among others, she attempts to paint girls or women in a context where elements of the abstract subconscious are filtered through periods of time that may converge or diverge, and can be read on a universal level. 


Beyond wanting to create outstanding works of art that take loads of time and thoughtful consideration, Jennifer is an advocate of animal rights, an environmentalist, a yogini, and a world traveler. As an instructor for private students in her home studio, an instructor for a local non-profit arts center, and more recently a business owner of Cornicello Jewelry Design in St. Louis, she hopes to inspire creativity among others and provide a safe haven for those searching for beauty within themselves. Otherwise, she is most comfortable on her bike, or being with her husband, their two sons, and their two pit bull dogs where they reside in a quaint historic home in a walkable neighborhood in St. Charles, Missouri.